Corporate Information


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  • Place of Incorporation

    Cayman Islands

  • Executive Directors
    • David CHIU, Tan Sri Dato', B.Sc.
      (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)

    • Cheong Thard HOONG, B. ENG., ACA

    • Dennis CHIU, B.A.

    • Craig Grenfell WILLIAMS, B. ENG. (CIVIL)

    • Wing Kwan Winnie CHIU, B. Sc.

  • Independent Non-Executive Directors
    • Kwok Wai CHAN

    • Kwong Siu LAM

    • Lai Him Abraham SHEK (Alias: Abraham Razack)

  • Managing Director

    Cheong Thard HOONG

  • Company Secretary

    Wai Hung Boswell CHEUNG

  • Authorized
    • David CHIU

    • Wai Hung Boswell CHEUNG

  • Auditors

    Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
    Certified Public Accountants
    Hong Kong

  • Registered Office

    P.O. Box 1043, Whitehall House,
    238 North Church Street,
    George Town,
    Grand Cayman KY1-1102,
    Cayman Islands

  • Principal Office

    16th Floor, Far East Consortium Building,
    121 Des Voeux Road Central,
    Hong Kong

  • Share Registrars

    Tricor Standard Limited
    Level 54, Hopewell Centre,
    183 Queen's Road East,
    Hong Kong

  • Listing Information
    • Ordinary Shares (Code: 035)

    • 3.75% USD Medium Term Notes 2021 (Code: 4310)

    • 4.5% USD Medium Term Notes 2023 (Code: 5011)

    • 7.375% USD Senior Guaranteed Perpetual Capital Notes issued by FEC Finance Limited (Code: 5781)

    • The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited