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FEC operates its car park business through its subsidiary Care Park. As Care Park is one of the largest car parking operators in Australia and New Zealand, Care Park has recently expanded to the United Kingdom, Hungary and Malaysia. As at 30 September 2019, it has a portfolio of 487 car parks and approximately 105,795 car parking bays, including 35 self-owned car parks and 452 managed car parks.

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    Car Parks
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    Bays in the

In Australia and New Zealand, the business is managed by Care Park. Care Park adopts an ownership and third party car park management model, which provides a strong recurring income base and delivers a steady cash flow. Combining its experience as a car park owner and manager with FEC’s property development expertise, Care Park has recently expanded the scope of its management services and geographic scale.

Growth areas include facility management in addition to retail and commercial services, which will benefit from FEC’s extensive experience in the property sector. The Company is also actively exploring the possibility of servicing airports and shopping malls, which will complement its existing third party car park management services.

To maintain its leadership position, the Group will continue to build the Care Park brand, expand its management operations, and make strategic acquisitions that enhance its portfolio.

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