Current Investment Properties GFA (sq. ft.)
FEC Building, Central, Hong Kong(1) 3,000
FEC Building, Nathan Road, Hong Kong(1) 38,000
Basement to 5th floor, Silka Far East Hotel, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong 38,000
Tsuen Wan Garden, Hong Kong 41,000
Xintiandi Shopping Mall, California Garden, Shanghai 250,000
Rebecca Walk, Melbourne 8,700
Upper West Side Stage 1 - 4, Melbourne 30,100
The FIFTH, Melbourne 3,200
Star Ruby, Hong Kong 10,000
Wuhan Shopping Mall 423,000
Dorsett, Singapore 7,000
Dorsett, Shanghai 19,000


Pipeline Investment Properties Attributable GFA (sq. ft.)
West Side Place, Melbourne 81,400
Elizabeth Quay, Perth 14,800
Aspen Crest, Hong Kong 9,100
Marin Point, Hong Kong 6,800
The Garrison, Hong Kong 5,100
Astoria Crest, Hong Kong 3,900
Alpha Square, London 6,000
Queen’s Wharf Brisbane(2) 100,000
Artra, Singapore(3) 21,300

(1) All investment properties are retail except (1) which are offices
(2) FEC owns 25% stake of this project
(3) FEC owns 70% stake of this project