In the past decade, FEC has not only expanded the scale and scope of its business but transformed into a key player in the region's property, hotel and car park sectors.

The Group's achievements are the result of executing our stated strategy, which aims to foster a diverse, balanced and regional portfolio of properties and businesses by utilising the experience of our local teams. Our regional presence enables us to take advantage of the property cycles in different markets to reduce risk, as does our "build-to-sell" and presale model.

The Group's dynamic growth is bolstered by the strong recurring revenue derived from our hospitality and car park businesses. These divisions have grown steadily, driving our dual strategy for growth, which combines ventures with a strong recurring income base and our "build-to-sell" approach to property development.

Going forward, the Group will continue to take active steps to strengthen its residential property development pipeline and hotel portfolio and will continue to seek suitable expansion opportunities. We will stay true to our strategy of balanced diversification by exploring ways to expand our recurring income streams and regional exposure, and increasing the number of property development projects in the countries where we currently operate.

Chris Cheong Thard HOONG
Managing Director